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pseudomonas: (harrow, onthe)

pseudomonas's Journal

A stamped addressed antelope

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Created on 2009-04-09 10:20:14 (#26744), last updated 2019-01-04 (15 weeks ago)

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Eyes: two. Nose: one. Arms: two. Legs: eleven.

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angel delight, anthropomorphizing bacteria, apikorsut, ballads, bananamatopoeia, baroque music, biofuels, bioinformatics, bionanotechnology, biotechnology, bloodymindedness, brewing, broadside ballads, brussels sprouts, caffeine, calligraphy, cambridge, capitalizing Inconsistently, capsaicin, catches, chiark, choosing words carefully, city of london school, counterexamples, crossword compilation, annoying alphabetizers, crosswords, cynicism, dead languages, debian, devil's avocados, dictionaries, douglas hofstadter, dumplings, early music, eddie izzard, edinburgh, edinburgh university, edinburgh university renaissance singers, england, english martial arts, etymologies, fascinating aida, fencing, flanders and swann, foppishness, fried egg sandwiches, genetic programming, genetics, gilbert & sullivan, gilbert and sullivan, going slowly mad, handel, hot buttered rum, hot water bottles, japhs, jargon from odd fields, jasper carrott, john dowland, john playford, killing geography, kodt, lassus, latin, lewis carroll, liberal democrats, ligatures, long hair, lutes, lutesongs, madrigals, making mead, making things, marmite, mediaeval music, microbiology, molesworth, monteverdi, monty python, mornington crescent, natural language processing, natural philosophy, neologisms, nitpicking, orlando gibbons, orthoepy, oxford, oxford commas, oxford university, pedantry, perl, pickling things, pie, pierre guedron, polyphony, port, procrastination, programming, prokaryotes, puns, quacksalvers, radio 4, radio comedy, rambling syd rumpo, richard davy, round the horne, scolecophagy, scorfs, scrabble, shopping quacks to asa, singing, singing bass, skepticism, stanislaw lem, swords, tea, terry pratchett, the archers, the oxford pause, the thick of it, things-that-aren't-cows saying 'moo', thomas campion, thomas tallis, tom lehrer, trailing off mid-sentence, umberto eco, use-mention distinctions, uvular trills, vegetables, vegetarians, velvet, venting spleen, william byrd, william cornysh, word games, words, wychwood, yes minister
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