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It seems I ought to do this since he's now plagued about a dozen of my friends' LJs/DWs and it's only a matter of time until he picks on my comments: Steven Kitson is not welcome to comment on any posts on this blog, and should consider himself asked to refrain from doing so.

(For those of you for whom this makes no sense: lucky you.)


Oct. 9th, 2010 08:51 pm
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I maded an icon! Cos I needed a calligraphy one.
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So, draft 1 of .

It runs through DW posts, finding LJ entries that have already been cross-posted or imported to DW, and for some subset of them based on things like their visibility, date, length, whether they contain polls, and so on, edits them so that their text is commented out (possibly with a snippet of the original post), adding a note saying that the post has been moved to such-and-such a DW post which is thataway.

I've tested it on my test account, and it seems to do what it's supposed to, but more testing is needed; if you're brave enough to be a guinea pig on this, bug reports would be most welcome.

Also, feel free to mine the script for snippets of code that work with the XMLRPC API. I haven't specified a license yet, but basically do what you like, and it'd be nice but not obligatory to credit me.
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Does LJ::Simple work reliably with Dreamwidth? If not, is there a comparable module that does?

Also, is there a way that given a DW entry that's been either imported from, or crossposted to, LJ, I can get (programmatically) the ID or URL of the LJ entry, without resorting to comparing timestamps and post contents?
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Livejournal announces that they're going to have a round of purging and reselling account names of people who've deleted their journals, suspended journals, and "inactive" journals*.

ETA: I misread that - they're currently purging deleted accounts as before, what's new is that they'll also be purging suspended and "inactive" ones, and purging the deleted ones only 30 days after deletion, not 60.

As I understand it, if you have an LJ and have one of these accounts as your friend, you do not need to do anything, they will automatically be removed from your friendslist.

But on other sites, like, for instance, Dreamwidth, if you have granted access via OpenID to an account whose name is then resold, whoever buys it will gain access to your locked posts.

If you don't want that to happen, the only way to prevent it (short of the ideal of getting people not to delete their accounts even if they stop using them) is to remove access from the OpenIDs of such journals. Note that if you used the Dreamwidth importer, you might have granted OpenID access to a large number of people - you can manage the details here.

Please feel free to copy/link this around the place.

Note also if you buy an account name and the previous owner has gone round getting the OpenID of the account banned in lots of places, you're stuck with that too

*An inactive LJ journal is apparently one with only one post that's not been logged into for 24 months. If you have any placeholder accounts on LJ, you may want to check that this does not apply to them.

ETA: LJ is taking steps to disable OpenID on resold names as an interim solution (thanks [personal profile] andrewducker). This is a big improvement (unless you've bought one of these names, in which case it's a PITA), but I'll be interested to see how they deal with this long-term.


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