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My first custom MLP modification project! Thanks to LM for introducing me to the idea of pony-modification, and making me a gift of the initial model. It's been great fun to subvert that ridiculous "boy's toys" / "girl's toys" distinction with both ponies and soldiers. Mares can be warhorses too!

It all starts with Lemon Drop...The Making Of... )
I really enjoyed making this over the course of a damp December, and it's also so nice to finish a project properly!
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A lion restant Or a teapot Proper pourant atop a beanbag Ermine
A lion restant Or a teapot Proper pourant atop a beanbag Ermine
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Via [personal profile] nou:

When you see this, make a post in your journal or in a community. It can be anything: a crosspost something you've posted on Tumblr, a few words about the last thing you read/watched, or just a "Hi, how is everyone?" Then go read your f-list and leave at least one comment.

A number of you have already seen my new year's greeting
thus )

So, have a chilociraptor as well.

Because you always wondered what a chihuahua/velociraptor crossbreed would look like
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I drew an Electromechanical Yule Goat, cos someone mentioned it and I wondered what it'd end up looking like (answer: Mmmmehhhhhh. Beep. Beep. ))


Apr. 6th, 2014 08:02 pm
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I found out last week there was a Welsh dinosaur called Pantydraco. How could any red-blooded pun-prone Anglophone resist?

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I sketched this a while back and inked it over in Brussels. I know it's very scrawly :)

The name is a bad pun: כרוב
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This one for a friend in Brussels:
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I feel a bit guilty about this, but in my search for a wombat-related text as a gift, I may have excised a leaf from the University Library's manuscript of the 13th-century Arbroath Bestiary. The rest of the codex was not damaged, fear not.

(click for bigger)

I had to look quite hard to find such a page, since many such texts are unaccountably lacking in detail and illustration when it comes to marsupials.


Jun. 8th, 2011 01:03 pm
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A sketched amphibian, from another postcard. This one was copied from a still from a DVD Click to embiggen.
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Since [personal profile] hatam_soferet has a very pretty dogg, I had a go at sketching her (from a video that [personal profile] hatam_soferet put online) with my nice sepia-coloured ink and lovely drawing nib. Click to embiggen.

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