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Any Lib Dem members who are interested in arranging for the party to adopt a stance in favour of Basic Income (aka Citizen's Income, Negative Income Tax, Unconditional Basic Income, Citizen's Dividend…) might be interested in a meeting during the York conference next Saturday (12th March).

This isn't a meeting to discuss the policy, it's to discuss the process of getting something into party policy.

The meeting will be at the Waggon and Horses (about 5 min walk from the conference centre), 12.30 1 - 2 on the Saturday lunchtime. They will be serving food. Room I've booked holds maybe 15-20 at a squeeze.

Rough agenda:
* Agree timetable for getting motion written, promoted, submitted, and passed
* Find individuals (including people with experience in economics and in drafting policy) to take charge of getting a proposal ready for internal discussion and approval.
* Identify groups who should be included in the drafting / discussion process
* Find individuals to take charge of promoting the motion to help ensure it passes

Also, while I want this to work, I'm keen to avoid steering its direction too much, since I wasn't elected or anything.

Also also:
Anyone who won't be at the meeting but who wants to either a) suggest themselves for drafting or promoting the motion, or b) make any comments for the meeting to consider, please let me know; in comments here is fine.


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