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37. It is said that a large and gradually increasing number of Aliens have during the last 20 years arrived in this country with the object of permanently settling here.

38. In respect of many of these Alien Immigrants it is alleged—

(1) That on their arrival they are
   (a) in an impoverished and destitute condition,
   (b) deficient in cleanliness, and practice insanitary habits,
   (c) and being subject to no medical examination on embarkation or arrival, are liable to introduce infectious diseases.

(2) That amongst them are criminals, anarchists, prostitutes, and persons of had character, in number beyond the ordinary percentage of the native population.

(3) That many of these being and becoming paupers and receiving poor law relief, a burden is thereby thrown upon the local rates.

(4) That on their arrival in this country they congregate as dwellers in certain districts, principally in the East End of London, and especially in the Borough of Stepney, and that when they so settle they become a compact, non-assimilating community.

(5) That this influx into limited localities has caused the native dweller to be dispossessed of his house accommodation, has occasioned. overcrowding, has raised the charge for rents, and introduced the abuse known as “key money”; and that in consequence in certain localities much ill-feeling exists against the Alien Immigrants.

(6) That in consequence of these Aliens dealing exclusively with those of their own race and religion the native tradesmen in the localities affected by the immigration have suffered loss of trade, and, in many 1nstances, have been superseded by Aliens.

(7) That, on arrival, many being unskilled in any industrial trade, and in a state of poverty, work for a rate of wages below a standard upon which a native workman can fairly live.

(8) That the unskilled Aliens on their arrival in this country, set themselves to learn the easier portions of different trades, that during such probationary periods they produce work for a very low remuneration, and when by degrees they become skilled workers they are willing to accept a lower rate of wage than that demanded by the native workmen, who have by this cause been driven to some extent out of certain trades.

(9) In addition to these allegations it was complained in respect to immigrants of the Jewish faith
   (a) that they do not assimilate and intermarry with the native race, and so remain a solid and distinct colony; and
   (b) that their existence in large numbers in certain areas gravely interferes with the observance of the Christian Sunday.

39. Into all these allegations and into the replies given to them we have felt it our duty fully to inquire.


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