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So, this weekend I have mainly been leafletting and talking to shoppers in Harrow for the Remain cause in the EU referendum. It was my first time doing this kind of public-facing campaigning, and while I was very nervous beforehand, it turned out much less scary than I'd thought it might be. No-one was abusive, and a number of people were actively interested in talking about the issue; also several people took information on how to register to vote.

The polls are *very* close - about 1-2% in it at the moment [ETA: latest polls have Leave very slightly ahead]. If you want to see a Remain win, I strongly urge you not just to vote, but (as far as your time, health, and family commitments allow!) to get the message out there, outside your immediate circle of friends, twitter/FB followers, and colleagues, and counter some of the deeply misleading Leave arguments. will tell you what is going on near you - almost all events will be happy to have volunteers rock up at short notice!

Extra credit: If there are no events near you, or not enough, or none that are at a convenient time - find the nearest event you can (Google for { events TownName} to find events that have already passed), phone or email the organizer, and ask them how to get some campaign materials, and where would be useful for you to distribute them - to pedestrians in the street, to commuters at stations, through letterboxes, whatever. It doesn't need to be organised, it's something you can do when you have a spare half-hour.

If you're talking to people, you don't have to be a complete expert in everything anyone might ask; it's more important to reassure people that yes, their vote will count; that no, it's not a complicated-arguments-on-both-sides issue, it's mainly about some fringe politicians who want less immigration and don't care if they wreck the country to get it; that yes, there are problems with the UK and with the EU, but almost nothing that running away will make better.

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